Edna - Out of sight, out of control

Play as Edna and make your way through a castle by possessing statues within your line of sight. Solve puzzles by manipulating doors, switches, and mirrors.

  • Controller support.
  • 15~20 minutes playtime.
  • Collect SUSHI!
  • Jam version made in 48h for the GMTK 2020 game jam.


  • Move - arrow keys  |  joystick / d-pad
  • Jump - up key / space bar  |  'A' button / joystick up / d-pad
  • Possess - 'Z' key  |   'X' button
  • Use lever - 'X' key  |  'Y' button
  • Rewind - 'R' key  / backspace |  Left shoulder button
  • Skip level - 'O' key while in level


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(265 total ratings)
Authorskcaze, Varun R.
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Made withGodot, Aseprite
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Puzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller


[windows] Edna - Out of sight, out of control.zip 17 MB
[linux] Edna - Out of sight, out of control.zip 18 MB
[osx] Edna - Out of sight, out of control.zip 18 MB
[windows] Edna - Out of control, out of sight (jam version).zip 16 MB
[linux] Edna - Out of control, out of sight (jam version).zip 17 MB
[osx] Edna - Out of control, out of sight (jam version).zip 18 MB

Development log


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Is the full game canceled?

The end of level 6 was quite tricky, but fun to figure out.

Getting the sushi in level 9 was difficult, but I eventually figured it out. I had to because I wanted to unlock the cat lol.

Awesome game

Keyboard controls aren't my thing but this game was pretty cool. Another app that reminds me of Trials of Azra... Good Job!

such a  nice game, every level is amazing, and the puzzles are so well designed!!


I really liked this game..!! The cute sprites, collecting all the sushi...except for level 9. That was so hard, I had to look up a guide, but still, fun~ :3


how did you get the idea of incorperating sushi into your game?

Where is the save file location on linux?


And now I'm craving sushi, lol

This was shockingly challenging but a total blast! Played this after playing two other games (hilariously titled out of control as well, it was here I realized they were all for a game jam) and this might've been my favorite of the three. The platforming felt great, the control/mirror mechanic was a lot of fun to mess around with, albeit slightly headache inducing for some of the tougher levels (the hall of mirrors sushi grab namely, haha)

This was so much fun! I can't wait to see what comes next!


im proud of myself for getting all the sushi


Good demo.

where level 1 cat


Get all sushi!



fun game!


Nice game, nice puzzles, sushi at level 9... grrrr!


I'm so glad I found this gem of a puzzle-platformer!

The movement feels nice, controlling the knights feels intuitive (from the patch notes, it seems as though they used to be annoying to use), and overall, the difficulty spike wasn't intense and was built upon the further you went in the game. I will say though, getting the sushi in level 9 took me just as long to do as it did to get all the sushis in the other levels combined, but it was a nice brain-teaser for sure!

My one gripe with this game is that it seems as though it's no longer being worked on; once you collect all the sushi and return to level 1, you can talk to an adorable cat that lets you know that in a later version of the game, you'll be able to feed it sushi in order to get secrets. Well, it's been almost 2 years, and it seems as though there hasn't been any type of development log or update in the comments (except for some artwork the developer made a year ago); as it seems, it looks like we'll never be able to feed the cat it's well-deserved sushi
(Spoilers Over)

All in all, this is a cute puzzle platformer with a nice gameplay loop that takes advantage of it's main ability (as well as some nice platforming tech) to give you a fun adventure

My Playthrough:


Fun game! Trying to get the sushi in lvl 9 was very difficult.


Dude, I'm starting to get into gamedev, i downloaded this last night before going to bed to play on my laptop and fall asleep. This game made me go to my desk and Finish it all the way, got me so hyped up that I got my notebook out and wrote/drew some ideas. What a great game, loved it. Great job


Nice, that's awesome to hear! Good luck with gamedev, it's a ton of fun!


It took me a long time but I finally got all the sushis!!! This game has such an interesting mechanic. I'm not great at platformers so I went into this thinking I wasn't going to like it, but it was a lot more strategizing then I expected!

The sprites are adorable too! Great job! :)

Awesome job on collecting all of them and thanks!!


fun works great with a controller!

How do I get all sushis?


how do you start it



It was a very fun 15 minutes!

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good idea but horrible execution, the game is already unironically impossible at level 2

edit: nvm i thought you have to bring the guard with you

also does anyone know how to get the sushi in level 6


I'll try to keep this short lol it's a convoluted setup in words (spoilers!)

You should see a passage leading out of an impossible wall and think, "how do I get up there?" That's where the sushi is. Go to the bottom of the level with the two guards. You should be able to bring one with you by positioning yourself on the button. Position the guard on the side of the impossible wall, and stand on top of it. Get the other bottom guard out of sight so it doesn't get in the way. Jump as Edna, then quickly switch to the guard and jump, then switch back to Edna and jump off the guard. You should clear the wall this way. The game will ask you to do it again later, but it's much more obvious.

Also if anyone has a clip of them doing this trick with two guards (i.e. triple jump) PLEASE show me I have been trying for half an hour


This game gives me life. It is visually delightful, the music is amazing, overall 10/10 experience!


Brilliant game, I played right to the end and got every SUSHI. Amazing to see this finished in such short amount of time.


Awesome game, played for over an hour trying to get all sushi.

The last one was hard as nails.

Thank you for this game.


really nice game, love it.

for anyone wondering about the sushi in the mirror level:
changing the middle left block alone (while no other blocks get changed) is the key.

looking forward to the full game and what that cat has to offer :-)

man you could do a tutorial on the mechanics of the game, not to mention that the game is very good, sorry for any mistake and the fault of the google translator

Hi! For learning purposes, I'm playing the games that won game jams and taking notes.

Here are my notes in case you're interested. Very great game, congratulations! How did it end up?

pros :

- Nice animated gif of the game on the page

- Progression page in the level, kind of like the map in Mario.

- Nice fade in/out animations between levels

- An optionnal collectible to collet: the sushi. Levels are interesting to do without the sushi, and way harder with it. You feel really clever when getting the sushi.

- Camera control allow to see below you!

- Very few ingredients that are well reused : mirrors, controlled guys, doors. I really liked how you reused the door/controlled guys as platforms and the mirrors as kind of doors that can block the way.

- The game is very static (not a lot of animation or effects) but still achieve to give all the necessary feedback.

- Scrolling background is a nice effect.

- The particles around the player are welcome, giving this magical aura and also letting you know who you are currently controlling.

- In game tutorial, mechanic were very easy to get (jump, control or interact)

- Game pad control is perfect!

- Not too much UI, tutorials are written on the walls.

- Very nice animation at the start of the game

- The relation with the theme is very clear.

cons :

- Some difficulties with the collisions sometimes, got some frustrating moments.

- More animations would have been great, more movement etc... (but game jam).

- Can't leave the level.

- To be more rewarding, I would have just put the sushi in black, and then when you have it, sushi full colored, like YOU GOT THE SUSHI OF THE LEVEL THAT GREAT! And keep the 4/8 thing on the progression page with a sushi displayed at each level in black or colored depending of If you had the sushi of this level or not.


Thank you for the detailed feedback! Curious if there are any specific games from other game jams that you recommend highly; I'd love to check out other game jam winning entries and learn from them too!


No problem! Don't take the cons to seriously, I need to work more on my presentation. The progression thing is very subjective.
Sorry, you're the first game I've tried! But I'm adding all the games to a collection named "Game Jam Winners", I guess you can follow me and get notified each time I add a game to it. Once I got more games I'll try to remember and send you some of them!

you can clip in the sushi room of level 6 by jumping to the corner, switching and then unpressing the button


This game was amazing! :)

I am losing my entire mind trying to get lvl 6, i got everything else but i just can't get the jump to work, i've tried every one of my jump tactics and nothing, i think my jumps are a little to short but everyone else seems to jump just fine.

Are you talking about the jump at the very end? If so, you'll need to raise the door to help you get to the end.

no, the jump to get the sushi, I got all the levels and their sushi, but level 6 sushi won't work, no matter how hard i try. I keep hitting the edge




I had a thought that the jump might require switching characters mid-jump but did not try it seriously! Thanks for showing us.

The game is delightful and just challenging enough!


Excellent puzzle game! Love the 'sight' mechanics trying to guide the statues to do stuff! Balanced levels.
Amazing pixelart!


some guy complaining about level 8. but I actually had my issues with the sushi in level 9.

not that the path wasnt obvious.
it was jsut that over and voer I came to the conclusion that I had to cut off a guy in the top left and I thought "No, that cant be right! I must have made a mistake!"

took me a while to realize that it was the right way and that the guy can be rescued later :-)

in the chapel level 6 , is there any way to get to the top right path? even with the one doll, I cant manage to get there :-(


nevermind, with some weirdly timed jumps on top of the doll, it was possible :-)


great game



Man! this game is so hard. i love these puzzles

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