GMTK Top 20 and Post Jam Update!

Edna - Out of sight, out of control was selected as one of the top 20 games from the GMTK 2020 game jam and placed #8 overall in the jam! We're really happy to have been selected and have updated the page with a post-jam version of the game. The web version and download links have now been updated and if you want to check out the original jam version, they are available under the downloads as well.

I've been focusing a lot on game jams as a way to try out new ideas and techniques and improve my overall game development skills. With how well received and how much potential I feel Edna has, I'm now considering working on an extended version of the game with more mechanics and levels. Please follow me on if you are interested in hearing about future updates!

And finally, here is a (hopefully) comprehensive changelist in the post-jam update.

Mechanics and UI

  • Changed GUI to allow returning to level select and obscure less of the camera.
  • Rewind implemented to make longer levels less frustrating.
  • Sushi can no longer be collected by knights.
  • Knights are less slippery when being pushed around.
  • Player movement speed increased 25%.
  • Player sticks to slope when walking down mirrors.
  • Mirrors look more physically accurate.
  • Player collision width reduced by 2 pixels to make narrow jumps more lenient.
  • Input buffer added for jumping.
  • Player auto advances to the next level on world map.
  • Collected sushi status is displayed on world map.

Graphics and Audio

  • Improved player sprite color and shading and added some additional detail to idle and run cycles.
  • Changed grates and barred walls to look wooden and be easier to distinguish.
  • Added 2d lighting to fairy.
  • Redrew sushi sprite.
  • Updated level music to have staccato notes on the melody.
  • Reduced volume of jump and land sfx.

Level design

  • Modified level 2 to teach concepts better without a failure state.
  • Modified sushi in level 6 to be less misleading.
  • Completely redesigned level 7 to feel similar thematically but be more difficult and interesting.
  • Level 9 changed so that the sushi is obtainable as Edna.
  • Other minor changes across the levels to have make platform more lenient.


  • Add a small easter egg for players who collected all 8 sushi.

Thank you for reading this far, here's a small teaser of something I've been working on:


[windows] Edna - Out of sight, out of 17 MB
65 days ago
[linux] Edna - Out of sight, out of 18 MB
65 days ago
[osx] Edna - Out of sight, out of 18 MB
65 days ago

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a couple of glitches I noticed, since I really like the game and want to help development:

the rewind function doesn't work in the windows download version of the game

also in the windows download, pressing the O key instantly finishes the level and returns to the world map

Oh no, I'll try to fix the rewind!

Pressing the O key to skip a level is intentional (highlight the missing control on the game page description) and I wanted to keep it in there for people who wanted to see the whole game but wanted to skip any particularly frustrating level.

Thank you for playing!

Thanks again for letting me know about rewind broken in the Windows download. I've updated the download links and pressing R to rewind should now work.