Post Jam Version Details

Thank you to everyone who's played Edna - Out of sight, out of control! I'm working on a post-jam version of the game to be released after the rating period for the GMTK 2020 game jam ends. It'll be a major quality of life update and if you haven't finished all the levels and gotten all the sushi it'll be worth playing on the new version. For those of you who got all the sushi... unfortunately there won't be much in this update for you, though the sushi in Hall of Mirrors will be updated to be significantly harder and require a new semi-advanced technique.

Here's a full of list of the coming quality of life changes in the post-jam version:

  • Change in-game GUI to obscure less of the screen and provide an option to return to level select.
  • Add a way to rewind time so that you can undo small mistakes.
  • Statues are less slippery when pushed while still maintaining momentum when losing control.
  • Lower collision height and width of player and minion so that narrow passageways are easier to get through. Add a little
    more coyote time to compensate for decreased collision width.
  • Indicate if sushi is collected in each level and display total number of sushi on map.
  • Change mirrors so that reflections are physically accurate and so that player sticks to slope when walking down mirrors.
  • Auto-advance player to next level on map when completing a level.
  • Update player sprite and sushi sprite.
  • Make see-through grates and bars look wooden to be easier to distinguish from regular walls.
  • Adjust sfx and overall music volume to be less loud.
  • Add an additional beginning sequence to level 2 to make it a bit easier to learn game concepts.
  • Fix lever that's misplaced on level 6 and redesign the beginning to be less misleading.
  • Redesign level 7 to remove annoying 1 tile wide jumps and so that camera positioning lets you understand which switches control which doors more clearly.
  • Sushi can now only be collected by Edna and not by statues. Redesign level 9 so it's possible for Edna to collect the sushi.

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