A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Delightment is a puzzle game about lighting up tiles. The levels are small but can be quite challenging, especially those marked with an asterisk. To progress to the next puzzle you must solve the current one, so if you get stuck, take a break and try again after you've had a chance to mull over it.

The current build has levels for all 5 types of tiles and represents about 40-50% of the expected full game. Note that the orange and yellow tile levels are relatively unpolished.


Delightment (Windows) 95 MB
Delightment (Mac OS X) 98 MB
Delightment (Linux) 105 MB

Development log


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Quite enjoyable puzzles! However, it wasn't until I noticed the video below that I realized I was only seeing about half the screen, centered but zoomed in. I don't see the [A] and [D] or the text at the top etc, just the middle of the screen. I'm running in Windows 10 on a Dell XPS Notebook.

That last puzzle is still puzzling me but other than that, looking good. :)

Thanks for playing and recording a YouTube video! And good luck with the last level :)