New Demo With 63 Levels!

After taking a bit of a hiatus from Delightment development, I went through and reorganized all the levels I've designed and tested so far and put them into a new demo! All in all, there are 63 levels in this new demo, and I'm expecting to have somewhere in the range of 120~150 levels in the final game.

There's a couple major items aside from level design that I want to get to next and I may update the demo as they get done:

  • A table of contents that allows you to quickly flip to any page in the book.
  • A limited number of bookmarks that can be used to skip a level and bookmark it to solve later.
  • Composing my own original music.
  • Implementing customizable keybindings and a color blind accessibility mode.


Delightment (Windows) 95 MB
Jul 04, 2019
Delightment (Mac OS X) 98 MB
Jul 04, 2019
Delightment (Linux) 105 MB
Jul 04, 2019

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