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I might be able to help with ideas on things to make the game even larger, and you might even be able to start selling it on Steam! One of my many ideas after playing this game is a bit more time. Maybe 15 or even 20, up to 40 after this first level, since the cops are preoccupied with the mammoths. Maybe bringing back some other cool extinct species or cultures, like Mesopotamian or Early Egyptian. Maybe some way to stop Cleopatra from dying or stopping deadly natural disasters. I could maybe even help make graphics for the game, though I like how it is now, with the story and the very handmade feel. We could even have a speedrun option (you're welcome, EasySpeezy) and it just sounds like it is, the game has a built in timer. I'm not the best at coding, though. Just ideas, and if you don't want to make this a full game that's ok. But I think it would be really cool if you did. GenomiX is a cool name, too.

Also a mobile port would be cool, and I think I know someone who could help: Sam Hogan. If you don't know, he's made one of his more popular games (Stick With It) for mobile, and I think he might be able to do it again. All of these things (Sam Hogan, coders, researchers, artists other than me) might be quite costly though so I completely understand if you don't want to do this. But if you do, please contact me! I would absolutely love to help this game get more traction and I could get a few players as I have a (rather small) YT channel that I could use to advertise.

SO HOW DO YOU MAKE THE MAMMOTHS not exinct ( sorry caps ) and what combination? 


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who would like to see mammoths in today's time !


A fun game where you try to save Woolly Mammoths from extinction by sending DNA back in time to 6000 BC. It’s a tight 10 minute experience, but legitimately fun. It would make a  fun model for a memorable puzzle in a larger game.


I really enjoyed it! I would like to see more of these style games


It doesn't work, the screen gets black


Are you playing the online HTML5 version on the downloadable Windows version? Could you please provide some system details such as which browser and which Windows operating system you are using?

We'll try to reproduce the issue and upload a fix, thanks!


Great game!